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About Jo

Jo Macleod was born in Glasgow, Scotland in March of 1951. Her father Frank Devlin, was an Irish Catholic from Co. Armagh Northern Ireland, and her mother, Jessie Anderson Summers, was a Scottish Protestant from Stirling. They met in their final year of training in psychiatric nursing at Hawkhead Hospital in Paisley, near Glasgow.

As the second oldest of eight children, Jo was raised to be responsible for her younger siblings, and helping her mother with everyday household chores. The family home was always busy, at times troublesome, but never dull.

At 14 years of age she became interested in astrology and her books became her refuge and escape from family life. It was through her reading that she realized she had some intuitive ability and an interest in associated subjects began to develop.

Books & Reviews

"Self-described as a “modern-day ghost story, inspired by a true event,” Heaven Help Us is proof that truth is stranger than fiction, and that the best stories contain both.  More than magical realism, the other-worldly tale of two Irish siblings and their mother meeting in the after-life - and an ensuing ‘spirit rescue’ with the help of a modern-day intuitive - is a masterfully-woven tapestry of supernatural threads.  Canadian author Jo Macleod - who was born in Scotland and later studied spiritualism on the Isle of Man - draws upon her own experiences to construct and connect the dots between the physical and metaphysical, inviting readers to suspend their disbelief as they venture into the paranormal.  A work that is both beautiful and evocative."
 ~ Celtic Life International (June Edition)

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