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Getting Back To 'The Sequel'

Hello everyone,

First I would like to apologize for being so late in the month posting this blog.

January was a pretty rough month and February is slugging its way forward slowly too. Not to mention this sudden shocking cold blast of weather we are having.

I lost six friends to sudden deaths, and two family members (elderly uncles), in January, all around the eclipse times, and all individuals that I had known for many years. So it has been a pretty sad time for me. Albeit I know that they are in a better place and now at peace, it’s the shock and suddenness that strikes, and the finality of knowing there will be no further connection with that person, even if we hadn’t been in touch for a while. They are suddenly gone, and sometimes it’s too much to deal with and we shut ourselves off from the world to be alone in our thoughts. But in each case I know that it was their time to leave. Their work here was over and now they are reunited with family who passed before them. I should be happy for them in their new transformation, without pain or worry, and able to look over us from a different place. It’s the void left behind by each person, the memories that come flooding back and the gratitude for having known them that we are left with. And so I have said my last goodbye and wish them well in their new experience.

At this point I feel I have exhausted many explanations regarding Heaven Help Us and its characters. Without answering direct questions from readers, it is difficult to cover off questions in my own mind that I think people might be interested in further explanation. So, rather than repeat myself, and due to other commitments, I will sign off at this point.

My plan is to stop blogging for a short time—enough for me to catch up and get back into a routine writing my sequel. Also, I have not heard back from the Agency in London yet, and that is weighing heavily on my mind. Not knowing is hard.

I will continue to write the quarterly Newsletter. I believe the next one is due late April/early May. Hopefully I will be on track by then and able to devote some time out to report some good news….

Should anyone have a question, just write it into the comments on the website and I’ll get it from there.

Stay warm my friends, and here’s hoping for a sudden burst of spring weather in the near future.

Keep on reading.

Hugs to all,


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