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This is my point of view on Karma and how it works. I only have 500 words approximately, so not every situation will be included and remember this is my interpretation, not everybody will agree with it.

Karma is the accumulation of energy as a result of an action or thought that leads to a future state.

There are many types of karma. There’s Karma of a family group of people like a clan or tribe. Then there’s the Karma of a place or country, its evolution, development, growth and maturity. History leaves many places marked with a feeling of trepidation and unfinished business after battles and wars. Once the Karma is cleared, the energy is freed up, the atmosphere changes and becomes peaceful and untroubled.

Personal Karma is that of an individual and one other person—a mother and son, two friends, husband and wife, business partners, employer and employee and many more.

Some action must have taken place to create a lingering energy of a Karmic situation—business that must be completed.

If Karma is not settled in this lifetime, it is passed on and repeats in the next lifetime or generation.

Karma must be solved, allowing negative energies to dissipate, before the individual, group or place can move forward without restraint.

If Karma is unresolved, it becomes stronger. A situation will present itself over and over, each time more difficult than the last, until the task is finally settled. Each time Karma is passed on the challenge becomes harder. The situation that the individual, group or place inherits becomes more complicated as the energy grows, becoming dense and impenetrable, and difficult to face.

If an individual does not reincarnate, another family member must deal with the unsolved Karma.

Sometimes a family member will volunteer to carry the Karma in order to set other members of the same family free to live unshackled. Other times a family will share the inherited Karma with its siblings.

Karma can be both, negative, or positive, as a result of doing a good deed for others without regard to the self. Such as a hero saving lives without thought of his or her own safety.

When we face our Karma and resolve the issue, doors open and the way ahead is clear without obstruction… life becomes easier.

I was reminded recently by my own daughter of the rule of Karma; that when you pass through to the other side you experience the pain and suffering that you caused to all living people and creatures during your life on earth.

This is a good reason not to pass on bad energy, or negative intentions or feelings towards anyone—it creates a perpetual suffering and a perpetual Karma—the reason we are told to turn the other cheek, forget it, and let it go.

Fill your heart with light, love and joy, compassion and forgiveness. The planet needs more light and love, not darkness and hatred, so give it a go. Look to the light and love, and let the darkness remain behind you.

Remember Stevie Wonder’s words, “Use your heart to love somebody, and if your heart’s big enough, love everybody.”

Leave a loving Karma when you depart this lifetime. People will always remember you with love, and so it will grow.

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