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Letting Go


Letting Go - can be a long and painful experience if you love the thing you are trying to disconnect from. But there does come a time in everyone’s life when they have to let go and move on from something.

The planet Pluto is in charge of that area, and wherever he moves in your chart, is the area involved in your life that needs changing. Pluto is all about bringing transformation of the person’s soul. So for someone who has always lived a life of selfish gratification, the transformation might be in them opening a food kitchen and serving the poor; letting go of their materialistic props and helping others, for a change.

Or, it could be as simple as a group of people you call ‘friends’ who don’t support you the way you need or support them. You may love them, but know in your heart that they are not good for you. You need to let them go and move on to find a better group. The growth here would be in having the strength to let go, not being afraid to be alone for a while, and also believing in yourself that you can be strong enough to make the change necessary for you to grow and move on.

Pluto is moving through Capricorn at the moment and this placement demands honesty and openness; Pluto is about integrity, no double talk allowed here, so be honest with yourself. Together Pluto with the New Moon in Virgo on September 9th, will bring about a purging of clearing out, and getting rid of unwanted items in your closet or old ideas in your mind.

The New Moon is a time of beginnings and opens up the rest of the month, or year, if you start a new project at this time. The placement in Virgo is all about health, clearing out and cleaning up, ideas, beliefs, closets. We are all about to start something new to help transform some part of our life. Some of us will begin a new health regime to heal our bodies, or, a new fitness club to get rid of excess weight and enhance the body beautiful. Others may decide it’s time to quit smoking, or drinking alcohol. Whatever your area of transformation, now is a good time to make that change, as you will have the help and persistence of Pluto, and the New Moon in Virgo supporting your efforts.

For myself, I have to let go of sugar in my diet. Not only because it can cause weight gain, but also because I have arthritis and sugar creates arthritic pain. So every time I have that piece of chocolate I have to measure the pain result from it. Now is a good time for me to start to let go of the sugar once and for all. With the help of the New Moon and Pluto, and using my combination of lemon and ginger tea—a slice of lemon and slice of fresh ginger and boiled water—will get rid of the desire for something sweet. Wish me luck…

Pluto=transformation, Saturn=responsibility, and Uranus=sudden

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