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A Guiding Light

My friend asked; “What’s the purpose of your blog, do you have a message for people?” This is my reply:

I hope my blog helps to unmask extraordinary experiences in life. We all have had something happen that made us shake our head, and wonder if we imagined it. Not finding a reasonable explanation, we shrug it off as ‘strange’ and forget about it. Heaven Help Us, is the culmination of my life’s journey into realms of the unusual, the extraordinary, even weird experiences, and unbelievable to most people today.

It took me a long time to come to terms with myself and realise that although I was different, I was not odd in a bad way. I often thought I had an overactive imagination, or that I exaggerated things.  As a young child my parents told me to “keep quiet, and don’t talk about that.” Now they’re gone, I can look back, remember bizarre events, and accept that I’m an extra sensitive soul, empathic and highly intuitive. Sometimes I feel sorry for those who can’t see or feel energy like me. They’re simply not ready and I understand that now.

I’ve experienced some weird and wonderful things, inexplicable in our everyday reality. Yet, I know that these events happened to me, and are as real as you reading this blog right now. I’ve seen things most people never get to see. I’ve heard voices speak out loud to me in the strangest of circumstances when no visible person was present. Today, I am 67 years of age. I’m no longer afraid of what others say about me, and I have no desire to persuade them to believe me. I simply wish to share my stories with anyone who may be interested in reading about them.

My message, if you are like me is; “You Are NOT Alone.”

Whether you believe my weird stories or not, your voice, thoughts, and mind energy is connected with the Divine. Some call this energy God. Others call it by different religious names. Either way, God is love and He is listening. His love is unconditional because perfection can only love, and create more of the same. Energy in its purest form is perfection. God is perfect. He has no ego. He does not judge. He loves everyone and everything. He is not offended by what name we give Him. In His perfection, all He knows is how to LOVE and create more.

I have learned that love, in its purest form, is the strongest energy. Only good can come from it because its very nature is pure and perfect. Its opposite is equally strong but negative, and from the dark side where ego and fear exist. I advise people to lose the ego. Live life from the love of doing what you enjoy. Help others, be a leader. Whatever you do, as long as it hurts no one, and comes from a desire to help, it is God’s work. Look up into the light, and you will be guided in the belief that all will be good and well, and it is.

Doom and gloom are dark heavy energies. They attract more of the same dark heavy energies into the life. Love is light, bright, joyful and happy, attracting more of the same. Why then, knowing this, would we want to attract the dark and not the light?  It’s our choice…misery is optional. Love will light the way to happiness every time…

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