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If Ever There Was A Time To Expose Child Abuse… It’s Now.

If ever there was a time to expose child abuse…it’s now.

Heaven Help Us, A Modern-day Ghost Story Inspired by a True Event. This story unlocks some of the pain and suffering of a young girl who reached from beyond the grave for validation for her lost life.

Today all Hollywood is under the radar. Some famous people, admired and respected, are finally unmasked as sick, sordid and unacceptable. To have a platform in the public eye, and be able to earn a high income doing the work you love, IS…A… PRIVILEGE! The possibility of high earnings because of that platform should always demand decency and morality. We all know that can be challenging in Hollywood. To lure young unsuspecting apprentices into the lair from a place of esteem, is more than evil. It’s worse than sinful. It’s despicable, sordid and unforgivable.

The Time’s Up Movement will win this battle and expose abuse on all levels. It supports all young girls and boys, and young woman and men. It supports anyone, who has not consented to take part in sinister sexual gameplay. Too long has this silent crime gone unchallenged and quietly brushed under the carpet. Everyone aware of it, only speak in whispers. No-one ever stood up for these children and objected.

History reports that certain religions and cultures accepted the use of children under the age of five for sexual play. No God would ever condone such behaviour. Yet all over the world it has occurred again and again, in the name of God, but not of His doing. No country, colour or creed is exempt. It has been happening since the beginning of time, and continues to this day… shameful.

Time’s Up…the guilty are being exposed on the platform of life that they loved, and, they will never recover from it. Many a hero has plummeted in disgrace publicly, from the comfort of their ivory tower--once so very safe for them. The Time’s Up Movement is gathering support all over the world. In time, it will arrive at the right platform. It will expose the degenerate low-lifers, guilty of their crimes of yesterday.

It was safe for them back then to damage a young child, and destroy their little body. They stole the child’s self-worth and trust, and introduced them to a life of debauchery and wickedness. These children would never marry or lead a ‘normal’ life. They were forever tarnished and all who knew them knew their dirty secret.

Equality is coming…Time’s Up will help that into being. We are entering a new age for humanity, and we all count. Everyone has a say. Everyone must stand up and be counted for what they believe in. The world is big enough for us all. We simply need to learn to share better and move over for others, including the abused children of this world.

“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Never throw out anyone." Anonymous.

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