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Sun Signs, Planets and the Moon

Many of my characters are actually based on people I have known in my lifetime. However, my knowledge of astrology also gives me an added insight into individual personality traits, and I have been able to use that to its fullest in building many of my characters.

I remember when I was about 14 years of age, wondering how, with so many brothers and sisters, was it possible that we were all so very different in personality. We had the same parents, and yet there was not one brother or sister, who was like another in personality. We were all very different, almost opposite in many ways and it was about then that I started to read more and more about the Sun signs, the planets, and, how the Moon affects us.

Before long, I had learned the character traits of each Sun sign and how it was affected by the ruling planet. As an example: I am a Pisces Sun sign. Pisces are known for their elusive dreamlike quality. They tend to live in their own feelings and often seem to float above chaos and not become involved. They are not materialistic but often money turns up when they most need it, almost as if they lured it towards them for the upcoming emergency that they were unaware of coming.

Now, I also have Jupiter next to my Sun and with it a tendency to gain weight easily. Jupiter expands everything it touches…it is the giver of good luck and gifts. The influence of this placement should make the individual more optimistic and outgoing in nature, somewhat flamboyant, gregarious and fun loving, yet still combined with the quiet side of the Pisces Sun. So, now we have two sides to this normally quiet reserved Pisces with the opposite traits created by Jupiter, the outgoing flashy party-goer.

Again, depending on how close these two planets are positioned will also dilute or strengthen the tendency of the personality traits. Now we have a Pisces Sun sign who likes to be quiet and alone at times in dreamland, and other times likes to be the extroverted party-goer. Know anyone like this? Now what if we take Jupiter out of this example and replace it with Saturn. What a difference that makes. Saturn is the master teacher of the zodiac. He doesn’t play around and no time for nonsense or parties. He’s all about down to earth hard work, doesn’t have time for frivolities or useless day-dreaming when there’s work to be done… Now, we have a quiet reserved Pisces with a very serious side, responsible and hard-working, and, determined to make it to the top of the ladder, all Saturn traits.

But, what about the other planets: Mercury rules our thinking ability and everything to do with communication. So, if it’s positioned close to the Sun sign, it could make the individual a quick thinker/mover, chatter-box, a gossip, or just plain nosey, especially if the sign is Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury. Mars is known for its aggressive temperament, it provides the action to make us get up and go. Venus is the planet of love and beauty but also relates to the purse strings. It gives us the ability to appreciate art, music, nature, and the wonders of life.

It’s an interesting way to build personalities and characters. Linda Goodman’s book Love Signs was one of the first I read, many years ago. I still love it and her other books too. I never tire of reading astrology books, and today still watch how each individual planet plays its part in the transformation and evolution of the world we live in today.

Pluto is the planet of investigation, sex, karma and transformation. It rules Scorpio. Today Pluto is moving through Capricorn. Capricorn relates to big business, banking and governments. Pluto in this placement asks for honesty and integrity. Uranus, (sudden out of the blue activity) coupled with Saturn, (taskmaster and restricter), not far away, together can create the sudden exposure and downfall of our Leaders and Corporations. Look at the recent Hollywood sex scandals happening to successful individuals. Suddenly, (Uranus) the culprit is unmasked (Pluto) and falls from his position of authority and respect. Saturn, (taskmaster), is approaching Pluto in Capricorn, due to conjunct in 2020, at which time something big will happen to expose big business, banks and governments, to create change in the way they operate… Watch this space!…

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