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About Rosemary - the Protagonist

"Heaven Help Us" a book by author Jo Macleod

Rosemary is the protagonist of Heaven Help Us, and step-mother of the little girl, Rosie. She is a plain looking, but hard-working young woman with one desire in life -- to be the wife of a farmer and have a large family of loving children to care for. She is honest and trustworthy with realistic views about life and its harshness. She is a devout Catholic as is her husband Sean. After her death, she is so guilt ridden and feels that she has let Rosie down. It is Rosemary who instigates the spirit rescue of the children and it is her need to put things right for Rosie that brings about the initial photograph to make it all happen. It is 100 years exactly after the death of the children that Rosemary initiates the connection between a modern-day intuitive called Sophie and herself. She needs to put an end to their suffering in Limbo and bring them to the other side to be with her in Heaven. She has waited a long time to find the right person to partner her through this ordeal. Sophie accepts the challenge and together they set out to create a portal connecting the two worlds to rescue the children and bring them over.

This story will open your heart and your mind and allow the impossible to become possible... You will question your own beliefs and ask yourself more than once if what you are reading could be true. You will cry and then be raised up in gratitude. You will experience emotions from extreme to extreme…hatred, love, revenge and forgiveness, and the story will haunt you for weeks after you have read it. I hope it changes you in some way for the better…

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