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Where Inspiration Came From

"Heaven Help Us" a book by author Jo Macleod

The inspiration for Heaven Help Us came from a recent photograph of an abandoned farmhouse in Ireland. The property looked to be about 100 years old, dilapidated, and, rundown, it appeared empty, and, very much deserted. There were holes in the roof with missing tiles here and there--broken glass windows, and the front door--ajar, was hanging off its hinges.

But, there appeared to be a vague impression of someone standing in the doorway…someone who wanted to be seen. The photo spoke to me, almost in a loud voice, telling me to look more closely…was there someone living inside?

I thought I could see the foggy shadow of a small child at the door…no, it was two children, one a little older, and trapped somehow.

They needed help… What could I do?

I felt the children were talking directly to me, especially the young girl. I could hear her soft Irish lilt in my ears as she pleaded for my help. She seemed desperate. But how did they get there? Why were they trapped?

In one brief moment my head was flooded with questions, and somehow ‘time’ was important and I wondered why… The more I gazed into the photograph, the more I learned about their predicament. Pictures formed in my mind. I could see events from a time long ago, flash in front of me…as if I was there watching from the sideline. Then I felt terror as never before. Something horrible, shocking and fearful was happening to her.

At that point, I vowed openly to help both of them…if I could. I had to find a way and promised that I would.

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